About Mission Gas Company – Our History and Core Values

Mission Gas Company was started in San Antonio over 70 years ago, operating under the name Perfecto Gas Company and sold propane as well as butane. The name changed to Mission Butane Gas Company about 50 years ago and is currently operating under the name Mission Gas Company. We have the name “Mission” due to the presence of the four Spanish frontier missions in our vicinity. Mission Gas Company has been family owned and operated for over seventy years and is currently under the direction of its third owners.

ESTABLISHED- Mission Gas Company is a locally owned and operated propane marketer that has been in business in the San Antonio area for over seventy years.

CAPABLE- Our staff of 15 currently serves Bexar, Atascosa, Wilson, Guadalupe, Comal, Kendall, Bandera, Medina, and Kerr Counties.

SERVICE ORIENTED- All our personnel are focused on customer satisfaction, loyalty and most importantly, propane safety. We embrace the idea that our customers are why we are here, and we sustain ourselves by the job that we do.

ETHICAL- We maintain the highest standards of integrity throughout our organization and as a result, we are highly respected within the propane industry and throughout the communities that we service. Here at Mission Gas Company, we strive in all ways to maintain your trust and loyalty through our service and commitment to you and your safety. We believe in our job and we believe in our product. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality propane and exceptional service in the safest manner possible.

Our Core Values

We Obey All Rules

The rules and regulations governing the propane industry are set out by Federal and State authorities as well as local municipalities and city governments. Mission Gas Company will not knowingly violate any rules to save money, time or otherwise. We believe these rules and requirements are for the safety and welfare of our fellow citizens as well as ourselves and we will not operate outside the law for any reason.

We Protect Our Industry

Mission Gas Company employees and management will function as protective stewards of the industry that provides income for our families. We also believe in fair and honest competition and will strive in all ways to ensure that we operate with integrity to preserve an ethical competitive environment and marketplace.

Our Pricing Philosophy

We will be competitive in our pricing. Mission Gas Company will not cut corners to lower our price for installations or propane delivery.

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