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Propane Safety Training

Propane training for the San Antonio Fire Department HAZMAT team

Safely using propane is not something that can necessarily be learned from a book. It requires experience and training. Safety is a top priority of Mission Gas Company, which is why we offer our experience and equipment for training purposes free of charge to our customers and emergency personnel.

Industrial Propane Safety Training

Mission Gas Company offers propane safety training and is is available to propane users in the San Antonio area free of charge. Our customers can contact us and arrange for us to talk about propane safety at one of their safety meetings. The type of propane safety information we will go over depends on the application. For instance, forklift users will learn about the propane safety provisions involving forklift cylinders while a customer engaged in propane self filling will hear about bulk tank safety and propane cylinder safety. Our sessions will always include the basics of propane safety and the properties of propane. These sessions are very informal as to invite group participation and facilitate questions and discussions on propane safety. These propane safety meetings are ideal for any business in our service area using propane.

First Responders/Emergency Personnel Propane Classes

First Responder information and propane safety training is available as well. We have provided propane safety training to many fire departments, including the San Antonio Fire Department - Hazardous Materials Response Team. Propane training for First Responders and emergency personnel involves different types of information than described above. We cover things such as:

  • Propane bulk storage facilities
  • Propane product containment
  • Propane transportation issues
  • Bulk propane delivery truck operations
  • Bulk propane transport (tractor-trailer) operations
  • ASME consumer propane tanks
  • Terrorist related issues

Please contact us to arrange a propane safety meeting or training session. We at Mission Gas Company prioritize propane safety in our organization...and yours.

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