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Propane Resale

Propane resale bottle plant

Reselling propane offers a substantial return with minimal investment. Propane resale will provide an additional revenue stream complementing their existing line of business. For instance, any RV related business would easily capitalize on providing propane at their establishment. The opportunities in propane resale are enormous in Texas, and particularly in the San Antonio area due to the abundance of propane grills and the fact that Texans love to cook-out. Not only that, but many people have to drive many miles to have their propane cylinder filled or exchanged.

What We Provide

Mission Gas Company is interested in your investment so much so that we will often provide the following as an investment of our own:

  • Bulk propane tank
  • LP Gas piping and hose
  • Propane pump
  • Meter
  • Installation of bottle plant
  • All necessary training
  • Advertising support

Propane Reseller Responsibility

As a reseller of propane you will be responsible for certain things related to the bottle plant, its installation and maintenance:

  • Obtaining a license from the Texas Railroad Commission
  • Providing electricity for the pump
  • Uniform protection requirements
  • Furnishing a scale
  • Insurance requirements

Our commitment to our customers is one of safety and support. We want you to be up and running in minimal time. We will work with you in promoting safety, convenience, and help ensure profitability for you and your business. We would gladly welcome the opportunity to visit with you about propane resale and its benefits.

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