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Propane for Homebuilders and Contractors

Homebuilders reviewing plans for an all-propane home under construction

Builders and contractors are increasingly choosing propane over electricity as their fuel of choice because propane is much more reliable and affordable. Mission Gas Company provides full service to builders using propane during all construction phases. Homebuilders and contractors have been using Mission Gas Company for over sixty years because they know that we get the job done correctly, legally, and on time. There are many options available regarding propane system installations which we will gladly review with you and your client. An overview of the process is detailed below.

Propane Builder and Contractor Relationships

Mission Gas Company is a propane sub contractor for many homebuilders, commercial building contractors, pool companies, and other construction related industries. As a propane sub contractor, we are responsible to the builder that has contracted with us as well as the propane consumer for which the work is being done. Contractors and builders that regularly use Mission Gas Company know that our propane installations are almost always hassle free and our reliability is unparalleled.

Our philosophy regarding propane installations is this - Mission Gas Company will install propane tanks and propane systems according to all laws and regulations. We will not cut corners in any way, for any reason, and will consistently obligate ourselves to the safety of those that we work for and with.

Propane Tank/Propane Gas System Pre-Installation

  • Determine total propane BTU load and number of propane appliances
  • Calculate propane piping, appliance, and tank distances
  • Determine propane regulator and gas piping (size) requirements
  • Recommend appropriate propane tank size
  • Propane tank placement is determined
  • Review plans with contractor and submit written proposal
  • Propane related permits are submitted (if needed)

Propane Tank/Propane Gas System Installation

  • Install propane tank and yard line
  • Propane regulators installed - second stage regulator installed if needed
  • Propane gas piping and system integrity is fully tested and inspected
  • Fill propane tank Pilot lights are lit
  • Propane appliance serial numbers and necessary information is recorded
  • Propane rebates are submitted to the Texas Railroad Commission (if applicable)
  • See propane tank installation for more information