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Propane Tank Installation Services

Mission Gas Company has been installing propane tanks and propane gas systems in and around San Antonio for over 60 years. If you need a propane tank for your home or business and you need the best LP Gas products, the best service, and highest quality workmanship, then you need to call Mission Gas Company. We install above ground and underground propane tanks.

Installation of a 500 gallon propane tank

Our experienced service department will handle all aspects of the tank installation including:

  • Deliver and set propane tank
  • Install gas service line from tank to stub-out
  • Install regulator (second stage if needed)
  • Test entire propane gas system
  • Hook up appliances (if needed)
  • Light pilot lights
  • Make adjustments as necessary
  • The tank will be filled with gas as soon as the installation is complete!

Tank Installation Process

Two of the most common ways that the process starts is by contacting us directly or a homebuilder will contact us. We have many homebuilders that we work closely with, and they will just let us know when the tank is to be installed, what the installation entails, and we take it from there.  If you contact us directly, we will set up a time to meet with you at the location where the tank will be installed and go over the details of the installation.  We will suggest the most efficient way to install the propane tank, the yard line, and recommend the appropriate tank size.  We will give you a price estimate shortly after we have gathered the necessary information.  We can generally install the tank within a week


Tank Options - Rent, Buy or Loan

  • Lease - All lease tanks are maintained by Mission Gas Company and are filled on a regular basis.  The rental rate is extremely affordable for qualifying customers.
  • Purchase - The option to buy a new propane tank is always available.  Payment is made at the time the tank is installed and filled.
  • Finance - A small down payment and reasonable terms will have your new tank paid for in just one year!   Flexible options available for qualifying customers.
  • Loan - We often loan tanks to higher volume propane users.

Underground Propane Tank Installation

All underground propane tanks are installed with cathodic protection (magnesium anode & dielectric union) to prolong the life of the tank.  There are several factors that go into the placement of an underground propane tank.

  • Depth of water table
  • Distance from body of water and elevation above waterline
  • Flood plain proximity
  • Rainwater drainage

As you see, all of the above factors involve water.  Why?  Propane tanks will float if the water level gets above the liquid level of the tank.  We strongly recommend filling the bottom of the hole with concrete (8-10 inches) just before or immediately after the tank is placed in the hole.  The concrete will dry around the bottom of the tank and its legs which will anchor the tank in case water is to rise above the liquid propane level in the tank.  The last thing you want to see after any rain, no matter how dry it's been, is a floating propane tank.


Propane tanks installed inside the City of San Antonio are required to have a permit issued by the Fire Department.  The San Antonio Fire Department issues a permit for the propane tank upon the completion of an inspection.  Mission Gas Company will file all necessary paperwork with the City of San Antonio and take care of all communication with the Fire Inspector and Fire Marshal.

Temporary Tanks

Temporary bulk propane tank installations are often needed in the San Antonio area.  Mission Gas Company is able to cater to customers who need this service.  Temporary tanks are often used by roofing contractors.  For example, Mission Gas Company will place a 250 or 500 gallon tank at a location needing propane for a tar kettle.  As soon as the project is finished, the tank is picked up.  This service is an efficient, cost effective alternative to propane cylinder exchanges and re-fills.

Important Information Regarding Propane Tank Installation

Mission Gas Company does not cut corners. We will strive in every way to obey all rules and regulations set out by the Texas Railroad Commission, The NFPA, and all local codes and ordinances. The rules and laws at the Federal, State, and local levels are for your protection and for the safety of your family. Our propane tank installation services adhere to these rules and regulations for these reasons.