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Forklift operator filling his own propane cylinder

Filling Your Own Propane Bottles

Propane powered forklifts are quite common in a multitude of industries. These forklifts more often than not use propane cylinders that are swapped out in a propane cylinder exchange program, which Mission Gas Company provides. Propane self filling is an alternative incorporating the convenience of the cylinder exchange with the inherent product control of bulk propane delivery.

Overview of Propane Bottle Self-Filling

Propane self filling consists of filling your cylinders from a bulk tank placed at your location. It is very simple and straight-forward and consists of a propane tank equipped with a liquid withdrawal hose used to fill cylinders. Propane cylinders can be filled using your own bulk tank - all you would need is a liquid withdrawal hose and valve. Otherwise, Mission Gas Company can provide the tank, cylinders and all other necessary equipment required for propane self filling. Training is provided as well.

Advantages of Filling Your Own Propane Bottles

Propane self filling is an alternative to the cylinder exchange program that we offer and has worked out for many of our customers that have chosen this propane service option. Self filling is available for any customer using propane cylinders.

  • Tighter control over propane inventory
  • Bulk Delivery Rate
  • Railroad Commission License not required (unless reselling)
  • Cylinders containing propane are not returned, as in a cylinder exchange program
  • No need to rent cylinders - you can use your own
  • Increased capacity means increased flexibility