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Core Values of Mission Gas Company

All organizations are committed to being successful and Mission Gas Company is no different in that regard. We are committed to being successful but it's how we undertake this commitment to success that sets apart from many propane companies as well as many companies in any industry. It's our core values that drive our organizational culture and our underlying code of ethics that determines how we conduct our business.

We Obey All Rules

The rules and regulations governing the propane industry are set out by Federal and State authorities as well as local municipalities and city governments. Mission Gas Company will not knowingly violate any rules to save money, time or otherwise. We believe these rules and requirements are for the safety and welfare of our fellow citizens as well as ourselves and we will not operate outside the law for any reason.

We Protect Our Industry

Because we sell a volatile product that sometimes makes headlines in a less than favorable manner, Mission Gas Company employees and management will function as protective stewards of the industry that provides income for our families. We will protect our industry by protecting ourselves and fellow propane dealers from unethical and unsafe companies/competitors, organizations or otherwise that place the LP Gas industry in harms way or potential reputation damage.

Our Pricing Philosophy

We will be competitive in our pricing. Mission Gas Company will not cut corners to lower our price for installations or propane delivery. Being safe and following the rules results in higher costs and thus, we may be more expensive but we will not undermine our concern for safety for profitability.

Our Competitive Philosophy

We believe in fair and honest competition and will strive in all ways to ensure that we operate with integrity to preserve an ethical competitive environment and marketplace. These competitive values we hold include the following that we, as propane dealers should all endorse and hold ourselves accountable to:

  • We will not hire an employee away from another competitor.
  • We will not belittle or bad mouth our competition to gain customers.
  • We will not misuse information against our competitors for our advantage.
  • We will not copy or duplicate information published by our competitors, another business or by anybody.