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250 Gallon Propane Tanks

250 gallon propane tank

LP gas tanks of this size are used primarily for residential propane service under a normal load, with usage reaching its peak during the winter months. 250 gallon tanks can be installed above or under ground, usually wherever you specify.

Underground 500 gallon propane tank installation

250 Gallon Tank Details

  • Most common size propane tank in the San Antonio area
  • Holds 200 gallons of propane when full (80%)
  • Has 18,300,000 BTU when full (80%)
  • Available for temporary installations
  • Installed according to RRC rules and local codes
  • Regulator and blocks are included in the sale price
  • Anode bag included with underground tank installation
250 gallon above ground propane tank installation

250 Gallon Tank Dimensions

Outside Dimensions - 30" X 93"
Empty Weight - Approximately 670 lbs.

Hole Dimensions (for underground tanks)
40" Deep • 4' Wide • 8' Long
6"- 8" of sand on the bottom for a 32" finish level
37" finish level if using concrete