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150 Gallon Propane Tanks

150 gallon propane tank ready for installation

Small propane tanks, such as the 150 gallon propane tanks are primarily used for low volume applications. These smaller tanks are usually for single appliances such as a cook stove or space heater. Mission Gas Company can install 150 gallon tanks for low demand applications such as this.

150 Gallon Tank Details

Residential and commercial applications that use 150 gallon propane tanks are primarily for lower BTU demand systems. While heating demand is lower in south Texas as compared to other parts of the country, a 150 gallon tank can be suitable for space heaters and low BTU furnaces, such as that in a mobile home. 150 gallon propane tanks are subject to the same distance requirements as that of 250 gallon propane tanks. All 150 gallon propane tanks available through Mission Gas Company are subject to availability, application purpose and are for rental only. Buying a tank of this size from Mission Gas Company may require special ordering from our manufacturer.

150 Gallon Propane Tank Dimensions

The measurements and specs for 150 gallon tanks are as follows. These are approximate specs and are for above ground tanks only.

  • Length - 84 inches
  • Diameter - 25 inches
  • Height - 33 inches
  • Empty Weight - 315 pounds
Please contact Mission Gas Company for inquiries about 150 gallon propane tanks.

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