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Propane Safety

Mission Gas Company is committed to the highest levels of safety and security within our organization and our industry. We believe that propane safety is the single most important aspect of the propane gas industry. If there is any question about our concern and commitment to safety practices within the propane industry, please contact the Texas Railroad Commission Safety Division or the Texas Propane Gas Association. See their links at the bottom of this page.

Our Demonstration of Safety Commitment

Mission Gas Company is consistently setting the standard for safety within our service area and beyond. We are actively engaged in activities that promote the safe use of propane throughout the United States as well as on a local level.

  • HAZMAT Response Team - The San Antonio fire department Hazardous Materials Response Team uses Mission Gas Company for training in various aspects of propane emergency response.
  • Safety and Training Advisory Committee (STAC) - Our vice president serves as a representative on this advisory council to create and implement the training material and programs for the propane industry nationwide.
  • Volunteer Fire Department Training - We actively offer and train volunteer fire departments in emergency response situations where propane is involved.
  • Safety Website Materials - Mission Gas Company's vice president is instrumental in the creation and maintenance of a propane safety website utilized by companies and organizations on a national level.

These are just a few ways that we demonstrate our commitment to safety. We are so involved with safety programs within the propane industry that we are considered an example of safe operating among fellow LP Gas marketers in our service area and beyond.

Texas Railroad Commission Safety Division (LP Gas/Propane)

Texas Propane Gas Association