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Propane Installation Permits

Propane permits are required for all propane tanks (above and underground) installed within San Antonio city limits. Propane permit application submission, drawings, and scheduling of site inspections is handled by Mission Gas Company. The San Antonio Fire Department and the City Plumbing Inspector issue permits for propane tanks and installations in the city. Propane permits are kept on file with the city of San Antonio and a copy is stored at our main office. Permits are required for new installations only.

Propane Fire Permit - Issued by San Antonio Fire Department

  • Primary focus is propane tank location and tank size
  • Reviews site drawings for tentative approval of propane fire permit
  • Performs site inspection prior to installation
  • Performs final permit inspection following installation Issues propane fire permit

Propane Plumbing Permit - Issued by City Plumbing Inspector

  • Primary focus is propane gas line between tank and house (or building)
  • Performs inspection of propane gas supply line (yard line)
  • Issues propane plumbing permit

Propane Permit Information

  • Preliminary fire permits that are issued are to remain on the installation site
  • Permits are not renewed - they are good for the life of the installation
  • A new propane fire permit is required if the tank is replaced
  • Temporary tanks require fire permits only

Propane permits may seem burdensome to new propane users and potential customers but please know that we handle all permit related paperwork, site drawings, inspection scheduling, permit submittal, as well as all communication with the Fire Inspectors office and the Plumbing Inspector. Mission Gas Company takes care of all the work involved with the propane permitting process and requirements related to propane permits.