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Propane Heaters

Although a home, patio, warehouse, and construction site need heating, different heaters are required for each setting. A home may need a gas space heater for the living room while a standing infrared patio heater is needed in the back yard. Mission Gas Company offers many different types of heaters for a variety of heating applications. We are able to install heaters and connect them to your gas line.

Indoor propane space heaters

Indoor Heaters

Indoor heating requirements vary for reasons including room size, available space, and so forth. Fireplace log sets, infrared heaters, and blue flame heaters, with options such as manual ignition, electronic ignition, and thermostat control are available to suit the heating needs of your home or office.

Outdoor propane heaters

Outdoor Radiant Heaters

Portable heat provides comfort and warmth for outdoor activities in cold temperatures. Many radiant heaters attach to the top of a propane bottle while others have a carrying handle and will attach to a 1lb gas bottle. Mission Gas Company has several models of portable radiant heaters for sale.