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Patio Heater Cylinder Exchange

Propane fueled heaters are used commonly at restaurants for outdoor patio heaters. Many other establishments use propane cylinders for outdoor heating as well. With the increasing popularity of outdoor gas patio heaters, Mission Gas Company offers a propane cylinder exchange service for restaurants and similar establishments needing outdoor heat. This service operates similar to our forklift cylinder exchange but uses smaller, 5 gallon propane bottles and is designed for restaurants and bars using outdoor propane patio heaters.

Patio Heater Cylinder Service Details

This service is available as a convenient alternative to taking your propane bottles to a cylinder exchange rack at a store or to a cylinder filling station. We provide the service of keeping your patrons warm as well as reducing your downtime and keeping your much needed employees at your location.

  • Cylinders kept on hand depend on number of heaters and their BTU rating
  • Scheduled delivery depending on usage and available space
  • Cylinder storage racks and cages available
  • Propane bottles maintained and serviced by Mission Gas Company
  • Additional cylinders delivered as needed
  • Bottles are filled by weight (as required by Federal Law)