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The Propane That We Sell

Propane bulk storage facility

The premium propane that we sell is stored in our large bulk propane tanks before it is delivered to the end user. Our bulk storage facilities are large enough to guarantee a steady supply of propane to our entire market area during even the coldest of winters. Propane supply is maintained by our own bulk transport dedicated to hauling only propane. This ensures that only the highest grade, HD-5 propane is under our control from its origin at the refinery all the way to your tank. So, is all propane the same? The answer is yes. Do all propane companies exercise this strict control in the quality of the propane that they sell? Mission Gas Company does.

About Propane in South Texas

The propane that is bought and sold in Texas, primarily in south Texas is comes out of the natural gas stream right here in Texas. While other parts of the world use propane that comes from crude oil, our geographic area allows us to sell propane that is brought right out of the Texas ground. Most all of our physical product (propane) is bought from and loaded at a gas processing facility as opposed to a refinery. While there are many articles, discussions and debates about product purity, Mission Gas Company can assure you that propane in your tank is some of the highest quality propane available.


Propane Properties and Information

Propane Formula
Propane Boiling Point
Weight of 1 Gallon*
Specific Gravity of Propane Gas*
Specific Gravity of Liquid Propane*
BTU per Gallon of Gas*
BTU per Lb. of Gas
BTU per Cu Ft of Gas*
Latent Heat of Vaporization at Boiling Point BTU/Gal



4.24 Lbs







*at 60°F


People often ask the question - Does propane ever go bad?

Answer - No, propane will stay in your tank for many years. Propane will not go bad.